Troy Bodart Obituary

Troy Bodart Obituary, Troy Bodart Has Passed Away Aged 42

Troy Bodart Obituary, Death – On Thursday, April 6, 2023, Troy Ronald Bodart, age 42, from Seymour, Wisconsin, passed away quietly at his home after putting up a courageous struggle against cancer for the previous half year. He had been battling cancer for the previous six months. Since the beginning of this year, he had been struggling against the illness. Following an examination on January 1, 2023, he received a diagnosis of the condition that he was suffering from.

On December 26, 1980, Troy was born into this world, marking the beginning of his journey into the world at that point. They commemorated the occasion of their marriage by exchanging vows in front of family and friends on February 10, 2017, in the city of Key West, which is situated within the state of Florida. The fact that Troy had spent his whole working life as a member of the Ironworkers Union made it possible for Local 8 to rely on him in any given situation.

Since he had turned 18 years old, he had been a member of the union. The fruits of Troy’s labor brought him a great lot of satisfaction, and he delighted in bragging to his family about the many things he had crafted by saying things like, “I built that” and “I built that too.” Ironworking was not only a subject that Troy had always been interested in, but it was also his genuine vocation in life.

A few of Troy’s favorite things to do on Fridays include helping out on the farm where his family worked, going camping with his friends, consuming drinks that were prepared in the traditional method, and, more recently, working on the construction of the house of their dreams. In his leisure time, he liked engaging in a wide variety of interests, such as gardening, snowmobiling, riding motorbikes, and walking Jax, his best dog.

His hobbies included gardening, snowmobiling, riding motorbikes, and walking Jax. The passing of Troy will leave a significant void in the lives of many of his relatives and close friends. His absence will be sorely missed. (Kayla) Bodart’s family includes his wife, Amie, his children Garrett and Brynnlee Bodart, his step-children Kyle, Carter, and Leyton Krueger, his parents Butch and Jackie Bodart and John and Chris Holtz, his in-laws Judi (Richard) Lacosse and John (Beth) Good.