Susie Lesser Obituary

Susie Lesser Obituary, Susie Lesser Has Passed Away

Susie Lesser Obituary, Death Cause – We were saddened to share the news that Susie Lesser had died away with her family and friends at Cherokee Hill, and we said our last goodbyes to her on Wednesday. Please accept our condolences. On Wednesday, Susie Lower passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Susie Hill was a part of the Cherokee Hill family for more than 15 years, the vast majority of which she spent participating actively in the various activities that the family undertook.

Big Holly will spend the rest of her life on the farm with Mike. Susie needed a period of time that was both incredibly lengthy and full of exciting experiences in order to develop his talents as a horseman to their maximum potential. During the years, Mike has supplied Susie with a multitude of experiences that have contributed to the formation of many of the memories that will stick with her the longest.

Her three most treasured horses, Kai, Kate, and most recently Big Holly, have all made this farm and the stable here their home for the years that she has owned it. Many of you will have favorable impressions of them in the future as a result of the numerous years of service that they have rendered. Big Holly is going to spend the rest of her life on the farm with Mike, and as long as the two of them are together, Mike is going to be a happy owner of Big Holly.

In addition to everyone else who knew her, Susie’s close friends and relatives, as well as everyone else who knew her, will never forget her acerbic sense of humor or the enthusiasm she had for horses. Everyone else who had the pleasure of knowing Susie will likewise remember her fondly. Those people who had the good fortune to have known and loved Susie will be profoundly affected by the absence of her ever-present and contagious smile.