Stephen LeGrand Obituary

Stephen LeGrand Obituary, At Age 68 Stephen LeGrand Has Passed Away

Stephen LeGrand Obituary, Death Cause – On April 7, 2023, Stephen R. LeGrand, who had resided in Bridgeport, Illinois, and had reached the age of 68 when he passed away, did so at the Lawrence County Memorial Hospital in Lawrenceville, which is located in Lawrenceville, which is located in Lawrence County, Illinois. Lawrence County is located in the state of Illinois. The county of Lawrence is located in the state of Illinois.

Lawrence County is made up of several different towns, one of which is called Lawrenceville. Together, these towns make up the county. He was born on February 16, 1955 in the town of Lawrenceville, which is located in the state of Illinois, and his parents were Philip Ray and Pauline (Eggebrecht) LeGrand. He is known as the son of Philip Ray and Pauline (Eggebrecht) LeGrand. His first appearance in public took place in Illinois.

His father’s name is Philip Ray, and his mother’s name is Pauline. He got both of those names from his parents. Both of those names were given to him by his parents when he was born. On May 24, 1975, he married Robin L. Haney, the lady with whom he would spend the rest of his life; she passed away on September 1, 2015. He would spend the rest of his life with her. He decided to spend the rest of his life with her and they got married.

It was agreed upon that he would spend the remainder of his life caring for and supporting her. The Lawrenceville Package Liquor Store was Steve’s place of employment for a large amount of his whole working life. This retail establishment was found in the New Jersey town of Lawrenceville. He was a devoted student of history and liked a wide variety of other hobbies and activities, such as going on long runs, going hiking, and watching old movies.

His wife, his mother, and his father had all departed before he did. He was the last one to leave. He was the sole person who had been abandoned. He was the lone member of his family to reach adulthood and he was the only one who did. Katie Kiser and her husband Roger II of Lawrenceville, Illinois, and Charles ‘Chaz’ LeGrand and his wife Dayna of Champaign, Illinois, are both counted as survivors.

Charles ‘Chaz’ LeGrand is from Champaign, and Dayna is from Lawrenceville. Both of my mother’s and father’s families are from the state of Illinois. Additionally, Daniel and Aiden Kiser, both of the deceased individual’s grandchildren, as well as three of the deceased individual’s brothers: Fred LeGrand and his wife DeSarae, who reside in Blaine, Minnesota; Jim LeGrand and his wife Linda, who reside in St. Petersburg, Florida; and Tom LeGrand and his wife Leslie.