Shawn Eby Obituary

Shawn Eby Obituary, Temperance Michigan, Shawn Eby Has Died

Shawn Eby Obituary, Death Cause – Shawn Eby’s life was cut short for no apparent reason. He was a devoted father to his five children: Brian Patrick Eby (and his wife, Laura), Kevin Ann Reinhart (and her husband, David), Mary Pat Alarie (and her husband, Ray), and Shawn Patrice Eby. All of his children are married (Angelo). Great-grandfather to Lizzie, and grandfather to David (Meghan), Meaghan, Patrick, Matthew, Colleen, Amy, Ben (Khrista), Maggie, Rob, Peter, Louis, and Tom.

Grandfather to David (Meghan), Meaghan, Patrick, Matthew, Colleen, Amy, and Ben (Khrista) (who has since passed away). He was Charlotte’s great-grandfather and the one from whom she got her name. Before Robert, his siblings Gordon and Donald, as well as his sister Mildred, all perished away. He was the only surviving sibling. Robert, a proud alumnus of both Waterloo College (Laurier) and the University of Western Ontario, worked for the City of Kitchener as the City Treasurer for 37 years before retiring in 1983. During that time, Robert served Kitchener as the City Treasurer. At that time period, Robert was committed to supplying the city with service that was both honest and dependable.

While serving as a corvette officer in the Royal Canadian Navy in the North Atlantic theater of operations during World War II, Robert acquired the rank of first lieutenant and was promoted to that position. He was posted in the city of Halifax. Our father and grandfather took turns acting as the keeper of the family archive, the poet laureate, the songster, and the story teller in our family. The backcountry is beckoning you, and there are brook trout to be caught there! “As you were, men.”