Rudi Burtschi

Rudi Burtschi Obituary, Oakdale California, A Lassiter Excavation Worker Has Died

Rudi Burtschi Obituary, Death Cause – Rudi Burtschi has dsied. Our deepest condolences are being sent your way. The following is a post that was made on one of his social media accounts and was written by a buddy of his: “Rudi Burtschi… How unbelievable that is is beyond description; there are no adequate words. Celebrations of birthdays, holidays, and get-togethers with extended family are just some examples of events that will never be the same again after this tragedy.

You occupied a very special spot in the heart of my daughter, and I will be eternally grateful for the connection that my husband, my daughter, and I were able to have with you. You held a very special position in her heart. You were truly in a class all by yourself. Thank you for all of our in-depth conversations about life, for making me feel special on the day of my wedding, and most importantly, for loving my cousin and your babies and taking care of them. Also, thank you for making me feel unique.

Raise the stakes and extend a loving embrace to all of our ancestors and loved ones who are now in paradise on our behalf. Give heaven some hell. This is not a farewell message; instead, it is a “see you later, bubba” message. You were held in such high esteem by such a significant number of people, and the fact that we were allowed to call you family is something that we consider to be an enormous privilege. In this trying time, my deepest condolences go out to my cousin Courtney and all of her cherished children. May God comfort you all. Right now, our entire family is going through a period that can only be described as utter chaos.