Roy Maxwell Obituary

Roy Maxwell Obituary, Roy Maxwell Has Passed Away

Roy Maxwell Obituary, Death Cause – Roy Maxwell, a soldier who served in World War II and lived to be 101 years old, passed away not too long ago, and it is with the utmost grief that we share this information with you. Roy Maxwell led a long life and reached the age of 101. Roy Maxwell enjoyed a long and healthy life, and he passed away at the ripe old age of 101. Roy Maxwell was blessed with a long and eventful life, and he lived to the ripe old age of 101 before passing away.

We are very sorry for your loss. We feel a profound sense of sorrow for the loss that you have endured. In the year 2019, Roy made the arduous journey to the Bayeux War Cemetery, which is situated in the nation of France, in order to pay his respects at the monument of his fellow soldier, Lieutenant Phillip Antony Wellesley Colley. Colley had died in the line of duty in the year 1918. Sadly, Colley was killed while the fighting was going on.

The most significant work that Roy Maxwell did for his country was done while he was a member of the United States Navy and serving his country. This was the time when he did the most good for his country. Everyone who helps out here at the CWGC would like to extend our deepest condolences to each and every single member of his family as well as each and every one of his closest friends.

The cemetery that you are looking for is located in the Bayeux region of France in France. The year 2018 was the year when Colley left this world forever; he passed away in that year. 2018 was the year that marked the exit of Colley from this world. Roy made the comment that the journey provided him with the ability to simultaneously experience a wide array of emotions, and he pointed out that this was an extremely beneficial opportunity for him to have.