Rokeya Rahman Obituary

Rokeya Rahman Obituary, Rokeya Rahman Has Passed Away

Rokeya Rahman Obituary, Death Cause – Not too long ago, Rokeya Afzal Rahman died away. In addition to his position in the world of business, he had a track record of serving the Caretaker Government in the function of advisor. The year 1982, which is relevant to our discussion, was the year in which something occurred. On Wednesday morning, she passed away at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore, which was also the location where she was receiving treatment.

On Thursday, her body will be transported back to the house that she and her family had shared, and there, she will be laid to rest among the rest of her family. This will take place at the house that she and her family had shared. Rokeya Afzal is survived by a significant number of bereaved family members and friends, including a son, two daughters, and a big number of additional relatives and friends. Rokeya was the mother of three children.

The hospital was also the place where she breathed her last breath. Also, she suddenly away at the hospital where she was being treated. The hospital may be found in Singapore, which is a city-state in Southeast Asia. She was being treated for a number of ailments at the time, one of which was post-traumatic stress disorder, which is also known to as post-Covid. The severity of her illness at the time required her to receive treatment for many conditions.

Rokeya is also survived by a significant number of friends and members of her extended family. She not only serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Asian University for Women Support Fund, but she also served as the president of the Women Entrepreneurs Association for a period of time in the past. As part of her responsibilities in this position, she is in charge of supervising the board of directors for the Asian University for Women Support Fund. She was also an investor in a wide variety of businesses, some of which include ABC Radio, Star Media, and a few more. In addition to her involvement in a wide variety of organizations, she was also an investor in these enterprises. She was an investor in both of these businesses as well as others.