Roger Mcmillan Long Beach California Car Accident

Roger Mcmillan Has Died In Long Beach California Car Accident

Roger Mcmillan Long Beach California Car Accident –  Before causing a collision that included eight other vehicles, the suspect, according to the police, was driving in the incorrect way (southbound on northbound lanes). The evidence of one eyewitness suggests that the suspect car may have been traveling at speeds of close to 80 miles per hour. The rescue workers were forced to resort to the deployment of extraction gear in order to liberate some of the victims who were trapped inside of their vehicles.

The Seal Beach police pursuit came to an end when the suspect driver collided with another vehicle, resulting in a multi-car accident in Long Beach on Tuesday night that ended in the death of a 74-year-old lady. The accident occurred in Long Beach on Tuesday night. “Very tragic situation and just incredibly irresponsible and egregious behavior by the suspects to put all of these lives in danger,” said Lt. Julia Clasby with the Seal Beach Police Department.

“All of these lives are in danger because of the suspects’ actions.” Because of the suspects’ activities, all of these people’s lives are currently in jeopardy. At the intersection of East 2nd Street and Pacific Coast Highway, the crash took place roughly 8 minutes and 7 seconds after dark. The arrival of emergency medical technicians at the location was reported to have taken place around 8:13 p.m. by the Long Beach Fire Department.