Robert Becker Obituary

Robert Becker Obituary, Minnesota, Longtime BetterHelp Member Has Died

Robert Becker Obituary, Death Cause – Robert Becker has died. Wes extend our deepest condolence. On one of his social media accounts, a buddy of his posted the following: “Robert G. “Bob” Becker, Jr. Bob is survived by his wife, Karen, and his two lovely daughters, Kate and Lauren. He will be greatly missed. Although Bob and I have been friends since 1973, I do not claim the label of being his oldest friend; rather, I give that honor to Bob’s sister, Timm Becker Brandhorst.

Timm is Bob’s oldest friend. He will be remembered fondly by many people.
MEMORIAL SERVICE 4/18/23 The First Presbyterian Church in Moorestown, New Jersey, at three o’clock in the afternoon. After the service, there will be a reception, and everybody who knew Bob is welcome and urged to attend.

And with that, the official announcement comes to a close. “Hey, Tim, take a look at what’s going on outside the window,” said my mum. I believe there is a young man of your age who has started to assist in unpacking that moving truck. You ought to go and say “Hi” to everyone. When we were 13 years old and a week away from starting high school, we got together. On the first day we met, we immediately agreed that we should become friends.

As freshmen, we pretended we weren’t nervous when riding the high school bus together with our friends. The intimidating presence of the senior football players left us in awe. Bob was the one who first showed me his sport, and ever since then, the two of us have been huge fans. During their four years together at the university, Varsity Bob and the Frosh Connection were inseparable. We went on incredible excursions, made lifelong friends, and lived the high school experience that every American teenager dreams about.