Richard House Obituary, Richard House Has Passed Away

Richard House Obituary, Death Cause – Mr. Richard House of Carlton, who passed away this morning, was a member of Carlton Baptist Church, and the congregation would like to extend its condolences to Mr. House’s family. Visitation will be held on Thursday, April 6, 2023 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Berry Funeral Home in Elberton. On Friday, April 7, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, a memorial service will be performed at the graveside in the Carlton City Cemetery. Following the service, the Family Life Center at Carlton Baptist Church will open its doors to the family in order to serve them with a lunch. In the days ahead, we ask that you remember the House family and everyone who is close to them in your prayers.

After Ritchie’s freshman year in high school in 1978, his team won the state high school football title, and he graduated as a great student, he continued his education at Georgia Tech, where he earned a degree in Economics in 1982 (GO JACKETS!). He advanced his studies by earning a master’s degree in Financial Economics from Southern Methodist University, which is located in Dallas, Texas. Ritchie’s life and the dedication he has shown to his work at various companies, including the most recent one, Flexshopper, are examples of how the sky is truly the limit. His first job was as a line cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and he went on to co-found the well-known company CompuCredit in 1996.

Ritchie has also served as CEO of numerous other companies, including the most recent one. All of Ritchie’s hard work, on the other hand, was never directed just toward achieving his own personal goals; rather, it was done with the intention of sharing the benefits he had worked so hard to achieve with his family and the people in his neighborhood. Ritchie assisted a large number of individuals in realizing their ambitions and pursuing their interests, including providing financial assistance to students for the completion of their post-secondary education, launching professional careers for members of the family and friends, and assisting Ritchie’s own children in the pursuit of their own professional and personal goals. Ritchie was best known, both inside and outside of the office, for his quick wit, his unending generosity, and his unbounded love for dogs. He also had a reputation for being a dog lover. Throughout his life, Ritchie was blessed with eight dogs, each of whom cherished him and the innumerable journeys they shared together.