Rebecca Elgie Obituary

Rebecca Elgie Obituary, Swing Dancer Rebecca Elgie Has Passed Away

Rebecca Elgie Obituary, Death Cause – All of us are in a state of profound melancholy due to the tragic news that our longtime friend and fellow swing dancer Rebecca Elgie passed away the Sunday before. Rebecca was one of our favorite dancers. Her passing occurred on Sunday, the day of the weekend. Rebecca and her late partner Bernie Fetterly were both enthusiastic swing dancers who had a particular interest in West Coast Swing in particular.

In Canada, universal health care coverage is already a reality. This was the principal subject of her attention as well as the research that she conducted. She never ceased giving lectures, putting on demonstrations, and drawing attention to the idea that universal health care is necessary in a variety of methods so that she might accomplish this objective. We will never forget how much enjoyment Rebecca brought into the world as a result of her passion for dancing, and we will miss her because of her quiet strength, her devotion, and the caring compassion she demonstrated toward others.

Bernie Fetterly passed away in 2010. The passing of Bernie Fetterly, who was a wonderful person, is a tragic loss. In addition to this, Rebecca has served as the Secretary of the ISDN Board of Directors in the year 2009 and has been a member of the ISDN Board of Directors for a number of years. Despite this, Rebecca’s primary ambition was to develop a system of universal health care coverage in the United States, very much like the one that was already in place in Canada, which is where she was born and raised.

Rebecca’s love of dance brought so much happiness into the world, and we will never forget how much of a contribution she made in that regard. Gretchen Herrmann, As the representative of the board of directors for the ISDN, it is our┬áresponsibility to.