Ralph Emery Obituary

Ralph Emery Obituary, A Lifelong Resident Of Tennessee, Ralph Emery Has Died

Ralph Emery Obituary, Death Cause – Ralph Emery has passed away; his life has come to an end. During this difficult time, please accept our deepest condolences on behalf of his family and friends. Emery began his career in radio in 1957 when he joined WSM, the station that is responsible for broadcasting the Grand Ole Opry. He worked as a disc jockey there. Soon after that, he became known as a dependable promoter of country music because WSM was transmitted all throughout the South and East and was a fan favorite among truckers who drove huge distances.

This helped him develop a name in the industry. During the almost a decade and a half that Emery worked for WSM, he was responsible for conducting interviews with influential players in the country music industry as well as playing popular songs. In those days, he was also working as an announcer at the Grand Ole Opry. This was his second job after working at the radio station. In 1972, Emery began his tenure as the host of “The Ralph Emery Show,” a program that aired on WSMV-TV in Nashville and featured conversations with and performances from members of the country music industry.

When he began anchoring “Nashville Now” on the cable station The Nashville Network (TNN), which he did together with his puppet cohost, Shotgun Red, his fame on television soared. “Nashville Now” was broadcasted in Nashville, Tennessee. The most recent hosting job that Ralph Emery had was for “Ralph Emery Live,” which he did on RFD-TV till the year 2015. He was given honorary status by the Country Music Hall of Fame as well as the National Radio Hall of Fame. Both of these institutions consider him a member of their halls of fame.