Peter Swift Obituary

Peter Swift Obituary, Ontario, A Lifelong Native Of Belleville Has Died

Peter Swift Obituary, Death Cause – It is with great regret that we inform you that Peter Swift has died away. Someone who is familiar with him remarked on social media that “He was stoked to get the title of papa Pete and wore that shirt proudly.” As soon as we contacted, he and my mother were already in London; he was literally assisting in any way that he could. My grandfather was there with my mum at the time of my father’s passing.

When I told him a few months later that I was going to try my hand at being an entrepreneur, he became quite enthused about the possibility of my becoming an entrepreneur. Because he had experience in the past working for himself, he was very open and honest about all of the challenges and accomplishments he had met over the years and what he projected for the future of my own business.

Peter assisted me with the launch of our company in a variety of different ways, including assisting me in connecting up the polished concrete project, coming down the weekend before our grand opening to slam in shelves and tackle the final touches, and connecting up the shelving. All of these tasks were completed before our official opening. In addition to that, he helped me put the finishing touches on the shelves and slam them into place. He made it a point to buy anything from me the night before, when we had just finished installing our point-of-sale system, so that he might be the very first customer I sold something to. (I still have his receipt). Since then, he has evolved into our most fervent supporter.