Penny Stopforth Obituary

Penny Stopforth Obituary, Penny Stopforth Has Sadly Passed Away

Penny Stopforth Obituary, Death Cause – Penny Stopforth has unfortunately died away in recent times. Jean Stopforth, who was also our grandma and great grandmother, passed away peacefully at her home. She was our mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. This information comes to you with a heavy heart, as we are deeply saddened by it. She never wavered in her will to provide for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, even in the face of the difficulties they were forced to endure.

Her boundless love, kindness, compassion, and sense of humor live on in each and every one of us, and it will leave an indelible impact on our lives that will remain there for the rest of our days. May you never have to go through the anguish of suffering again, Sweetheart, Your Mummy. After receiving her degree, Betty Lou obtained teaching positions in the states of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama before relocating to her home state of North Carolina.

She worked as a teacher at Rocky Mount Senior High in the 1970s, where she coached students in Home Economics as well as Marriage and Family Living. During that time, she was also a mother. After graduating from high school, she was a staunch advocate for pursuing one’s education in any capacity. While taking care of her three girls and working full-time as a teacher, she attended evening classes at East Carolina University to earn her master’s degree in education. During this period, she also earned her degree. After working as a teacher at the Governor Morehead School in Raleigh with students who were deaf and blind, she completed her career as a Vocational Education Counselor in Nash County. Prior to that, she had worked in the education field in Nash County. One of Horace and Betty Lou’s favorite things to do once they retired was to finally finish touring all 50 states. This was one of their favorite things to do.