Nathaniel Thomas Obituary, Nathaniel Thomas Of Wisconsin Has Passed Away

Nathaniel Thomas Obituary, Nathaniel Thomas Of Wisconsin Has Passed Away

Nathaniel Thomas Obituary, Death Cause – As I write this, my entire being is aching. Mr. Nathaniel Thomas Thomas you were so special. To tell you the truth, it’s one in a million. Your generosity, upbeat attitude, and genuine affection for everyone around you were infectiously contagious. I’m going to miss the smile that spread across your face each time I saw you. The lengthy hugs and kisses.

The words that are optimistic. Those belly laughs. This one is a real stinker, man. Oh poor Nate. The news is so overwhelming that it is difficult for me to process it. It breaks my heart to think about how your loved ones and friends may be feeling. Particularly our own Anthony. He is experiencing excruciating pain in his heart. You were so vibrant and full of life. The first time we spoke will remain ingrained in my memory forever.

I thought to myself, “Why the hell is this kid being so sensitive? I don’t even know him,” only to find out that it was merely part of your language with other people. I don’t even know him. You were someone who truly lived their life and was an inspiration to everyone who was fortunate enough to be in your presence. People may have gained a great deal of knowledge from the fact that you lived your life to the absolute maximum and that you treated everyone with sincerity.

I am inconsolable at the fact that you are not present any longer. It breaks my heart that you have to leave your loved ones to go through life with such a gaping hole in their hearts. I really hope that our paths may meet again in another life! Until then, rest in peace. Mr. Nathaniel Thomas Thomas If you were never born, Nate, the world would be a much darker place. From late evenings at bars and lazy days at the beach, as well as sporadic voicemails (because you never wanted to text).

You’ll be very missed buddy. You were loved very much. It was a blessing to have you as a friend.  On the other side, I’ll see you then.