Monica Mufich Obituary

Monica Mufich Obituary, Monica Mufich Has Died

Monica Mufich Obituary, Death Cause – This is a message that I am sending out with a heavy heart. I apologize. Monica Mufich, who had been my greatest friend for the past 36 years, passed away unexpectedly on Monday evening. We don’t know for certain what caused it or how it happened, but we think it had something to do with her heart.

When I finally located her, it was already too late for her. It appeared as though she had sat down to take a break. We have NO reason to assume foul play or that she ever intended for this to happen. She is the mother of two GORGEOUS daughters, ages 12 and 15, and she would never, ever, ever, ever leave them on purpose. I am still in shock, and I have no clue what to say in a eulogy.

In the meantime, please accept my condolences. We went through life together as best friends. Throughout our lives, there were times when we butted heads and argued, but in the end, we were able to reconcile our differences and remain friends. There were times when it took hours, other times it took days, and still other times it took spans of years.

It’s true that she’s been through some challenging times recently, but please don’t allow any of that stop you from remembering the wonderful qualities that made her the courageous, upbeat, and brilliant woman that she was. She would be the first to try to make you laugh when you were upset, bring you your favorite food just when you needed it, and come sprinting if she thought it was necessary at any point.

I do not want to upset her family by giving you more of her tale, so I will just tell you that she had a wonderful soul and that she passed away far too soon. I ask that you pray for her young daughters as they figure out how to live without their mother. I suspect that she was going to create a new Facebook account; however, as I am unsure of how many friends we share in common.