Michael Lerner Obituary

Michael Lerner Obituary, 61 Years Old Michael Lerner Has Passed Away

Michael Lerner Obituary, Death Cause –  Michael Lerner, who was the beloved husband of Valerie “Val” Lerner, died away on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, at the age of 61 years old. The date of his passing was December 5. He was commonly referred to as “Mike.” The information that her husband Michael had passed away was broadcast to the public by Valerie “Val” Lerner. Michael resided in Medicine Hat during the entirety of his life; it was his principal place of abode.

John also leaves behind to honor his memory his daughter, Holly (Michael) Pahl; two grandchildren, Dekkar and Evie; two brothers, David (Carla) Lerner and Wayne (Ruth) Lerner; five sisters, Darleen Berreth, Shirley (Terry Stubert) Klaudt, Elaine Harink, Jane (Jerry) Covey, and Ruth Sehn; as well as a large number of nieces and nephews. In the time leading up to John’s passing, both of John’s parents, Leo and Francis Lerner, as well as his brother Ronald Lerner, also passed away.

The passing of John follows the demise of both of John’s parents as well as his sibling. John was the only child who outlived both of his parents before he passed away. John’s tenure in the Parks Department of the City of Medicine Hat, which spans the greater part of the preceding three decades, will soon come to an end. This will mark the end of John’s time spent working in the department. John’s lengthy and fruitful career will come to an end as a result of this development.

He was a big fan of athletics and enjoyed participating in a broad variety of games. Some of the ones he listed are billiards, hockey, and baseball. He was also an avid outdoorsman. He never wavered in his allegiance to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, which he had maintained throughout his entire life. John’s idea of a good time is to sit in front of the stereo and do nothing except zone out while listening to music.

The Beach Boys and Abba were two of his all-time favorite bands to listen to and perform by, and he was a huge fan of both. The other band was known by their stage name, “The Who.” John was an unassuming and reticent man who kept to himself, didn’t make much noise, and didn’t say much of anything of significance. His employment in the Parks Department, which was his boyhood dream job, was in the Parks Department, and the linden tree in the park was his favorite tree there. His childhood ideal job was to work in the Parks Department. When he was younger, working for the Parks Department was his vision of the perfect job.