Mary Warren Obituary

Mary Warren Obituary, Former Susquehanna County Commissioner Has Died

Mary Warren Obituary, Death Cause – MaryAnn Warren was a close friend of ours who passed away not too long ago. We will miss her very much. She is unfortunately not here with us anymore. We are going to feel a profound loss when she leaves us. In the not too distant past, she served as the county commissioner in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

The same county in which she had previously held the position of county commissioner. It is possible that you have already studied the material that we are discussing right now, which would explain why you might already be familiar with the information that we are going over. Instead of sending flowers, the family has requested that monetary donations be made to True Friends Animal Welfare in the city of Montrose.

True Friends is located in the same county as the deceased. The neighborhood of Montrose is home to True Friends. The Montrose neighborhood of the city is a good place to look for genuine friends. As a result of the significant contributions that she has made toward the development of our county.

The Democratic Committee for Susquehanna County has made the decision to show their appreciation to a local woman by presenting her with a gift in the amount of one hundred dollars as a way of showing their gratitude to her for the work that she has done. This gesture is intended to show their gratitude to her for the contributions that she has made.

This choice was made in honor of the significant contributions that she has made over the course of her life toward the growth of our county. This option was made in recognition of her accomplishments. Both Judy Herschel, who is presently serving as a County Commissioner, and Rick Ainey, who is currently acting as the County Auditor, offered speeches in which they handed the bequest to the county in their respective capacities.

Judy Herschel is currently serving as a County Commissioner, and Rick Ainey is currently functioning as the County Auditor. The legacy was left to the county by the dead person’s estate after they passed away.