Lorenzo Garcia Obituary

Lorenzo Garcia Obituary, Lorenzo Garcia Died In a Car Accident

Lorenzo Garcia Obituary, Death Cause – The Aiken County Coroner’s Office was able to determine the name of the person who had passed away as a result of injuries experienced in a single-vehicle car accident that had occurred earlier that day on Friday, April 7, in the afternoon of that day. The accident had occurred earlier that day. The collision had taken place earlier on in the day. The collision occurred earlier in the day when the two vehicles collided.

It has been established that he was the driver of the vehicle when it was involved in the collision with the other vehicle. It has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that he was the one operating the car for the length of the time that it was being utilised in the manner that was being investigated. It was determined that Reyes-Garcia had passed away at the location of the event in which she was participating prior to the arrival of the authorities who were called to the scene.

The collision took place earlier in the day, when there was far less foot and vehicle traffic. The occurrence took place earlier on that particular day, when it was actually that day, when it was that day. The driver of the Chevrolet has been identified as Lorenzo A. Reyes-Garcia, who was born in North Augusta and is currently 36 years old. He was found to be operating the vehicle. It has been established that he was the one behind the wheel.

It has been established that Reyes-Garcia played a role in the incident that took place, which led to the accident. Coroner Darryl M. Ables has been tasked with conducting an investigation into the deadly incident that occurred in the 300 block of Dixie Clay Road. This responsibility was given to Ables by the district attorney. The objective of the investigation was to ascertain the reason for the passing of the individual whose demise was being looked into as a part of the investigation. This was the result that the investigation was supposed to uncover.