Leticia Martinez Obituary, Leticia Martinez Has Passed Away

Leticia Martinez Obituary, Leticia Martinez Has Passed Away

Leticia Martinez Obituary, Death Cause – The body of Leticia Martinez was found in Renton on Tuesday, and according to Leticia Martinez’s brother, who spoke with KNIG 5, the body has been positively identified as being that of Leticia Martinez. The woman whose last known whereabouts was at a Mariners game on March 31 was identified as Martinez. During their investigation into Martinez’s disappearance, homicide detectives discovered a body in Renton; however, the precise location of the body is being withheld from the public.

Martinez was spotted with him for the last time before she disappeared. The King County Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that they plan to amend the charges brought against Gitchel within the next week to include a case of second-degree murder for the homicide that was perpetrated against Martinez. This change is expected to take place. On the 24th of April, it is anticipated that Gitchel will once again appear before the judge.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office is still expected to determine the name of the deceased individual, as well as the cause and manner of death, in the coming days and weeks. Brett On Monday, Michael Gitchel, age 46, was charged with allegedly trying to kill Martinez’s son and setting fire to Martinez’s vehicle. Gitchel is also suspected of trying to kill Martinez. Before she vanished, Gitchel and Martinez attended a Mariners game together before the former was discovered missing.

The name of the deceased individual or their gender have not been made public by the Seattle Police Department; however, they have confirmed that the person was an adult. The Seattle Police Department has not made public the identity of the deceased person. It is now unknown how long the body remained at the location or how the police came to discover it there in the first place.

Gitchel is suspected of attempting to strangle Martinez’s son, which allegedly led to his being charged with kidnapping in the first degree as well as attempted murder in the first degree. Gitchel is accused of attempting to strangle Martinez’s son. In addition to that, he is being charged with theft in the first degree, arson in the second degree, and illegal possession of a firearm in the second degree.