Leslie Rogers Waco Texas Motorcycle Accident

Leslie Rogers Waco Texas Motorcycle Accident, Leslie Rogers Has Died

Leslie Rogers Waco Texas Motorcycle Accident – In Waco, Texas, Leslie Rogers was riding a motorcycle when she was involved in an accident that resulted in her death. The dedicated mother of Timothy Rogers, who names Indianapolis his home and lives there, Leslie Rogers passed away after being killed in a motorcycle accident in Waco, Texas. She was the loving and cherished sister of Alice Horn, as well as Dorthia, Maxine, Willie, and Dolores Rogers, and Ruby King, who passed away.

Both of his parents, Leslie Rogers and Cora Lee Rogers, had already passed away before he left for his trip. Before he left for his trip. (nee McGrone). This lady was Steven Elmore’s grandmother’s mother. She was his great-grandmother. Aunt of Bernard, Janice, Alvin, Nathalie, Eboni, Anthony, Andre, and Patrick, as well as Faye and Kristoffer. Also, cousin of Faye and Kristoffer. Additionally, he is Faye and Kristoffer’s cousin.

The animal friend who has Kelly and Savannah’s complete and utter devotion. Kelly now shares her home with a second cat who goes by the name Savannah. When she went away, her beloved cat Sammy had already left this world. Sammy was her best friend. having to part ways with a sizeable number of loved ones, including family and friends, is a difficult ordeal. In a very short amount of time, there will be a memorial ceremony held. Flowers are not required; memorial contributions can be made in her name to any of the following Advocate Hospice Programs in lieu of sending flowers