Leonard Caple Obituary

Leonard Caple Obituary, Leonard Caple Has Died After A Brief Illness

Leonard Caple Obituary, Death Cause – We were shocked to learn of Leonard Caple’s passing, and we would like to express to his loved ones and friends our most sincere condolences and sympathy at this difficult time. His descendants shared the news of his passing on social media with the following statement: “Heather here, it is with great sadness that we have to share the news that my dad Leonard Caple sadly passed away peacefully at home on April 12th after a long illness which he fought so bravely right to the end.”

His death was the consequence of a courageous fight against a protracted sickness, which he waged right up until the moment he passed away. He fought it so valiantly till the very last. His condition has been slowly declining for quite some time at this point. On Thursday, May 4, at 11:45 in the morning, a memorial service honoring his life will be held at The Wenault Chapel in Thornhill.

The son of Charles and Shirley Caple who predeceased both of his parents before his own passing. He was the husband of Susan Caple, whose maiden name was Kuczkowski, and he adored her very much. Susan was also known as “Kuczkowski.” Along with his role as Caple’s father, Donald, Courtney, Brittany, and Nicole also count him among their parents. The man who became Candice Hoover’s stepfather was given the name Paul Hoover. One word was all that was needed to describe his contentment: grandchildren. He owned a total of six of them. In addition to that, some of his favorite things to do were things like canoeing, fishing, camping, and riding his motorcycle.