Josh Owens Motorcycle Accident, Moonshiners Star In Critical Condition

Josh Owens Motorcycle Accident, “Moonshiners” Star In Critical Condition

Josh Owens Death Hoax – At the time of the collision, Josh was hospitalized with injuries that were potentially fatal. Since then, he has undergone a number of surgical procedures, with more procedures still to come. The severity of his injuries indicates that he will have a very difficult time making a full recovery from this ordeal. Because of this, Josh is unable to work and therefore does not have an income to pay for his personal and medical expenses at this period.

Unfortunately, Josh is also not covered by any type of medical insurance. We are all aware that, as is the case with any incidents of this nature, there will also be major physical therapy and rehabilitation services and costs, all of which have the potential to place a significant strain on anyone’s financial resources. In this time when Moonshiner Josh is in need of our assistance, Freddie Bollwage and I am appealing to our fellow motorcyclists, as well as Moonshiner Josh’s supporters and friends, to lend a hand in assisting us in assisting Josh.

If there is anyone there who knows Josh, he will be the first one out there to assist anyone who is in need of assistance. Let’s get this ball going and find a way to provide him with the necessary financial help. Josh Owens, star of “Moonshiners,” is speaking up about a terrifying motorbike accident that shattered his body, alleging that he had multiple fractured bones, including in his neck, back, arm, and legs.

After suffering serious injuries in a car accident earlier this month, Josh decided to provide his fans and followers an update on his status by uploading a video to his YouTube channel on Monday while he was still in the hospital. JO chose to only show off one of his wounds, but it’s still really weird… he turned the camera on his leg, which had over 50 staples and a massive scar.

Certainly horrific to the point of insanity… Josh acknowledged that he is clinging to life by a thread, but he is also positive that he will make a full recovery. On March 4, Josh was competing in a motorbike race at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida when he was involved in an accident.

Shortly after that, his “Moonshiners” co-star Richard Landry stated that he had talked to some folks who talked to family members… who claimed Josh was doing good, but was not out of the woods yet. According to Josh’s friend, Josh does not have any kind of health insurance, so one of Josh’s pals decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to assist pay for what is almost certainly going to be an expensive hospital bill.