John Thompson Obituary

John Thompson Obituary, 76 Years Old John Thompson Has Sadly Passed Away

John Thompson Obituary, Death Cause – John “David” Thompson passed away on April 1, 2023 in the Autumn Trail nursing home in the city of Linton at the age of 76. His entire life has been spent in the general area, beginning with his birth in Bloomfield. The first place that John “David” Thompson ever called home permanently in the United States was found to be in the little community of Bloomfield.

A number of times in the years leading up to the time that John “David” Thompson died away in the town of Bloomfield at the age of 76, he called the town of Bloomfield his home. In the past, he had made the place his primary abode and lived there. On April 8, 1946, in the community of Linton, Indiana, in the United States of America, Charles Frederick Thompson was brought into the world as the son of Charles Frederick Thompson and Anna Elizabeth Smith Thompson.

He was named after his father and his mother. His parents were similarly called Charles Frederick Thompson and Anna Elizabeth Smith Thompson. His grandparents were also named Charles Frederick Thompson. He came into the world in the land that would later become the nation we know as the United States of America. Charles Frederick Thompson and Anna Elizabeth Smith Thompson were his parents’ names. He was named after his father.

He was given the name of his grandfather’s father. The man’s first name is the same as that of his father. It was decided that he should take on the name of his great-great- grandfather’s. The person’s father likewise has the same first name as he does, therefore the individual chose to do the same. I will pray to God that he will grant you the peace and tranquility that your heart so sorely needs, and that he will do so in response to my petitions. Please hear and answer my prayers.

I pray that God would grant you the peace of mind that your heart so desperately requires at this time. I ask that he hears my supplication and answers it. Our hearts are filled with sadness as a result of learning of the passing of a kind and generous man who will be remembered for the volunteer work he accomplished. Because of his dedication to helping others, he will be remembered for a long time. Many people will fondly remember him because of the wonderful nature he possessed and how he lived his life.