John Porco Obituary Glen Rock NJ, Owner Of John's Boy Pizzeria Has Passed Away

John Porco Obituary Glen Rock NJ, Owner Of John’s Boy Pizzeria Has Passed Away

John Porco Obituary, Death Cause –  This week, the owners of Johns Boy Pizza, one of the most well-liked companies in the borough, have made the decision to close the restaurant as they grieve the loss of John Porco, who was one of the company’s founding owners. The funeral for John Porco is scheduled for later this week. This Monday, the eatery will officially close its doors.

On April 16, the Rock Road pizza will be closed until the following Monday, April 17, when it will once again be open for business. During this time, it will not be accepting any new orders. On the Facebook page of the charity, it was stated that “Unfortunately, John Boy passed away on April 8, 2023.” He was a beautiful example of the perfect parent, grandpa, spouse, and provider that one should try to be. He was also a wonderful provider for his family.

He had such a deep and abiding affection for his hometown of Glen Rock. “He is going to be missed by each and every one of us in the deepest possible way. By allowing ourselves some time, we are effectively granting ourselves permission to grieve over his absence. I am grateful that you are able to comprehend what I am saying. A local photographer by the name of Simon

Toffell claims that during the 1980s and 1990s, the pizza restaurant in question served as a friendly and inviting gathering spot for local high school kids in the neighboring area. Toffell’s assertions are based on his observations made during those decades. According to Toffell, those who had completed their schooling would congregate there between the hours of three and four in the afternoon.

This was the traditional time for dismissal. When you entered the building, you were greeted with the same warmth and friendliness as if it were one of your closest companions. This occurred each and every time.