Jennifer Mcgraw Cleburne Texas Motorcycle Accident

Jennifer Mcgraw Cleburne Texas Motorcycle Accident, Jennifer Mcgraw Has Died

Jennifer Mcgraw Cleburne Texas Motorcycle Accident – The Texas Department of Public Safety sent police to the scene of the accident at roughly 6:04 in the morning on Tuesday. The crash took place on Interstate 35 close to Mile Marker 294, which was the exit that was the most convenient for drivers. Benjamin Jaquez Strickland, who was 27 years old and from Temple, was driving a motorcycle that was traveling very quickly in the right lane of the southbound side of Interstate 35.

This lane was occupied by a vehicle that was being driven by Benjamin Jaquez Strickland. It was a Suzuki GSXR 750 that was being ridden. According to a statement made by a trooper who was in charge of the investigation, Strickland was approaching the back ends of two vehicles that were parked next to each other when the incident occurred. The center and right lanes were occupied by a 2015 Kenworth with three axles and a straight truck, while the center and right lanes were occupied by a 2018 Peterbilt truck tractor pulling a semi-trailer.

By riding his motorcycle in the space that was occupied by the two vehicles, Strickland was able to effectively divide the traffic lane in half. Jennifer Mcgraw was killed in Cleburne, Texas, after she was involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle. A motorcycle, a truck tractor pulling a semi-trailer, and a very large truck were all involved in a collision that occurred near Belton. One individual lost their life as a direct result of the accident.