James Nibbe Obituary

James Nibbe Obituary, A Native Of Minnesota Has Died At The Age Of 26

James Nibbe Obituary, Death Cause – Unfortunately, James Nibbe is not here with us any longer. During this tremendously trying time, we want his family to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. We lift him and his family up in prayer during this difficult time because we feel for them. This is an excerpt from a post that one of his pals made on one of his social media accounts, and it reads as follows:

“Unfortunately, I found out tonight that at least one person was offered real money to participate for any information that they had in the highly anticipated documentary that is slated to air on Wednesday, April 12th. This news comes as a complete and utter disappointment to me. This new information is certainly disheartening to us, as it is to everyone else who knows James Nibbe and admires him.

When I think about the idea that someone could ever benefit from Jim’s passing, it makes my stomach turn and gives me a queasy feeling.
I have no idea what we will be watching at the same time on Wednesday night, but I hope that whoever makes money off of his story is satisfied with what they receive out of their moment of fame and the attention it brings them. And it is my goal and prayer that Jim’s brief 26-year tale of grace and kindness would be conveyed to those individuals who were deprived of the opportunity to bask in the glory of his dazzling soul in an open and forthright manner. This is because Jim passed away when he was just 26 years old.