James Leaf Obituary

James Leaf Obituary, Illinois, James Leaf Has Died

James Leaf Obituary, Death Cause – It has been established that James Leaf has crossed over to the other side. It was a work that he truly valued, and it was one that he enjoyed combining with his hobbies, which included going grocery shopping and having a wonderful breakfast from Norm’s. This was a job that he genuinely valued, and it was a one that he enjoyed combining with his hobbies.

He had a career as a painter for the previous 25 years, during which time he was also an active union member. His brothers John and Jack, his daughter Liz and his step-daughter Deanna, his grandchildren Jade, Amy, Danielle, Cassie, Jasmine, and JJ, his great grandchildren Desiree, Johnny, Skyler, Daniel, Maliyah, Olivia, and Christian, and his great great grandchildren Matthew, Ariana, and Parklin are among those who are left behind after he passed away.

In addition to that, he had great-great grandkids by the names of Matthew, Ariana, and Parklin. His family had a total of seven children, and he was the fifth of those children. He ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be best for his family to move to the state of California, and in the year 1967, he accomplished this goal by relocating to the Torrance district of the state with his wife Marie Romeo, his two daughters Liz and Jimmy, as well as his mother-in-law. In the house that he shared with his stepdaughter, he had both his long-term companion and friend Connie, as well as his stepdaughter Deanna, living with him at one point.