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Jacqueline Gold Obituary, Death Cause – Gold was the executive chair of two lingerie manufacturers, Ann Summers and Knickerbox, at the time of her death. She was acting in this role at the time of her death. She became well-known in Britain for championing women business owners’ rights and serving as an inspiration to other women in the field. The woman who founded the lucrative retail company that offered lingerie for ladies, sex toys, and other products passed away on March 16 in the county of Surrey, which is located in the southeast part of England in the United Kingdom. The Ann Summers name is what made the company successful in the retail sector. The year was 62 when this happened.

In an interview with The Birmingham Post of England from 1995, Ms. Gold said, “while the head office was essentially no different than any other corporation, it was mostly managed by men.” The fact that all of the customers were men didn’t help ease my irritation. That there was nothing comparable for women to pick from while men had so many alternatives infuriated me. A company spokesperson said in an official statement that breast cancer was at the root of the issue.

David Gold (her father) and Ralph Gold (her uncle) bought two sex stores from businessman Michael Caborn-Waterfield a year or two before she was born in 1972. The stores were called “sex supermarkets,” and Caborn-Waterfield had advertised them as such. Her father was a man named David Gold, and Ralph was her grandfather. Her grandfather was David Gold. (He named the businesses after Annice Summers as a way to honor the woman who served as his secretary and, on sometimes, lover.) Ms. Gold began working for her father in the family firm when she was 19 years old. She initially worked as an administrative assistant. According to a 2018 article published by The Mail Online, the store “dealt largely in top-shelf periodicals for the ‘raincoat brigade.'”