Jacob Surrett Obituary

Jacob Surrett Obituary, Jacob Surrett Has Passed Away

Jacob Surrett Obituary, Death Cause – I kept hoping against hope that it wouldn’t turn out to be true if I didn’t publish this. My parents have lost a son, my siblings and I have lost a brother, and the world has lost a truly remarkable and special person. On Tuesday, Jake, Jacob John Surrett, tragically went away at the young age of 38. It’s still hard to believe that I’ll have to spend the rest of my life without my little brother.

My mind is racing, my heart is broken, and my entire body is trembling. Jake and I were very close; he was both a beloved sibling and a dependable companion. Jake’s ability to spend the last three and a half years with his family just four miles away from us has been a tremendous blessing. When the weather was pleasant, we saw him very often. He rode his bike to our place, and the three of us would spend the day at the river fishing.

Looking for agates, catching crawdads, and generally having a fantastic time. We spent a lot of time last year out on the trails going horseback riding, when his passion in riding had just recently been reawakened. Jake had a great time during his father’s retirement party in September of 2016, when he and the rest of his family returned to Tamarack. Many people he hadn’t seen in a long time were there, and he was able to catch up with them.

Plus enjoy some peaceful conversation with others in the company of horses. He would come over and hang out with the kids, showing them how to do tricks on their bikes or playing games with them. Once, he even jumped on the trampoline with them. He’d come over late in the day and stay up talking, eating dinner with us, and sometimes even staying up for fireworks in the driveway.

Recent memories with him include going to the movies, trick-or-treating on Halloween, and visiting Bentleyville. Both of my children appear in photos with him. Over the course of the summer, he devoted a great deal of his time to spending quality time with my mother, engaging in activities like kayaking on the lakes, fishing, and going for walks. I want everyone who knows Jake to know that he lived his last weeks to the fullest.

Fulfilling every single one of his lifelong ambitions. He was rational and confident in the years to come. After saving up for several years, he finally decided to venture out on his own and buy a van he’d been eyeing. After purchasing the van, he immediately left his group home (he was not on hold, so this was permitted) and relocated to Perham, Minnesota, where he now lives in a roommate arrangement.