Irene Kearney Obituary

Irene Kearney Obituary, 63 Years Old Irene Kearney Has Passed Away

Irene Kearney Obituary, Death Cause – Mrs. Irene Pud Kearney, formerly known as Mrs. Cooper, passed away in the home she shared with her husband in the town of Colraine in Northern Ireland, where she had resided for a significant amount of time. Her demise was peaceful and unruffled by any disturbances. When she passed away, she had 63 years of experience as a human being under her belt. Her life was cut short much too soon.

Before relocating to Colraine when I was twenty years old, I spent the first twenty years of my life in North Wingfield, where I was also born and raised. During that period, I was a student at the institution. Up until that point in time, I had spent every single day of my life at that specific area.

Her family and friends affectionately referred to her as Pud, and she worked as a bar maid at the White Hart in North Wingfield. Her place of employment was there. Pud used her spare time with a wide array of pursuits, occupations, and interests that she enjoyed doing and found rewarding in some way.

Some of the activities that she enjoyed doing in her leisure time were reading, putting together jigsaw puzzles, tending to her garden, going on vacation with her family, and spending time with her family, friends, and other relatives. She also enjoyed traveling on vacation with her family.

The only members of Pud’s family to have survived her passing were her husband Desmond, her son Ricky, and her daughter Peggy, as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren Stacey, Bradley, Cole, Beth, Fabian, and Ivanna. Pud’s daughter Peggy also survived, along with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her daughter Peggy passed away before she did as well.