Glen McKenna Obituary

Glen McKenna Obituary, Glen McKenna Has Passed Away

Glen McKenna Obituary, Death Cause – The Clark County coroner’s office made the identities of the two passengers who were killed in a plane crash earlier this week close to Searchlight public on Thursday. The tragedy occurred earlier in the week near Searchlight. Earlier in the week, the terrible event that transpired may be said to have taken place in the Searchlight neighbourhood. The corner reports that Glen Robert McKenna, age 72, and his wife Bonnie Jean McKenna, age 70, both of California, Nevada, and Arizona, passed away on Tuesday as a result of blunt force injuries.

After the inquiry was finished, it was determined that their deaths were not in any way deliberate, and this was the conclusion that was reached. Around 10:30 in the morning, Glen McKenna’s single-engine GlaStar crashed in the desert west of United States Highway 95 and south of Searchlight. McKenna was the pilot of the aircraft. McKenna was the one who really operated the aircraft in the role of pilot.

Both of their hometowns are listed as California, Nevada, and Arizona. The states of California, Nevada, and Arizona are each named as one of their hometowns. Each of the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona is cited as serving as one of their respective hometowns. Both of the McKennas’ hometowns were in either the state of California, the state of Nevada, or the state of Arizona, which are the only three states that make up the United States.

McKenna was the person who actually piloted the aeroplane and was in charge of the business operations associated with it. The individual who was travelling as a passenger in the front seat of the vehicle next to the driver and going by the name Bonnie McKenna was known to be there.