Gary Waugh Obituary

Gary Waugh Obituary, 78 Years Old Gary Waugh Has Sadly Passed Away

Gary Waugh Obituary, Death Cause – The passing of Hocking County Commissioner Gary Waugh was broken to the public by Sheriff Lanny E. North of the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff North was the one who broke the news to the broader public. Hocking County is served by Sheriff North, who is employed by the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office. On March 28, Waugh died away, leaving his existence in this world behind him.

This is not an easy piece of information for the Sheriff of North County to deliver to the community, therefore he does it with a sad heart because he knows it will affect people. Gary Wayne Waugh passed away on March 28, 2023 in the city of Cleveland, which is situated within the state of Ohio. Gary Wayne Waugh was a longtime resident of Ohio. His passing took place in the Cleveland Clinic, which was also the location of his ongoing medical care.

When we met with him, he was living in Logan, Ohio, and he had already lived for 78 years at the time of our conversation. Before he was born on January 12, 1945 in Athens, Ohio, both of his parents, Charles Frederick Waugh and Katherine Louise (Skiver) Waugh, had already passed away. His mother and father’s names were Katherine Louise (Skiver) Waugh and Charles Frederick Waugh.

Katherine Louise (Skiver) Waugh was his mother, and Charles Frederick Waugh was his father. He was named after his father. Both of his mother and father’s names were given to him at birth. The individual shares his first name with his father, who also shares the same name. Gary made the decision to step down from his post as a special agent in charge with the United States Customs Service after serving with that organization for a total of 31 years.

After he leaves the agency, he intends to devote his time to other activities and hobbies instead. During that time frame, he was a member of the Hocking County Board of Commissioners and served the county in that capacity. Gary placed a great premium on the time he was able to spend with his loved ones, which included his family and friends. But, whenever he had spare time, he anxiously anticipated the opportunity to contribute to the administration of the family farm, and he found tremendous delight in doing so.

He is survived by his wife, Eileen Mary (Dennis) Waugh; his two sons, Scott A. Waugh and Mark D. Waugh, both of Bel Air, Maryland, and Mark D. Waugh and Christine Waugh, both of Haymarket, Virginia; his four grandchildren, Heather, Braeden, Katherine, and John Waugh; his brother, Jack D. Waugh of Logan, and his sister, Nancy Darlene (Dan) Loper of Logan; as well as by his parents. Gary’s family consisted of only himself and his brother, Rodney Dennis Waugh.