Faith Thomas Obituary,

Faith Thomas Obituary, An Australian Pioneer Has Died At The Age Of 90 – Death

Faith Thomas Obituary, Death – After Thomas had competed in three games for her state’s team, she was offered a spot on the national squad and given the opportunity to play there. She boarded a train for the very first time to go from Adelaide to Brisbane in the earlier part of that year in order to take part in a match that was being played by the Australian XI. The match was being played in Brisbane.

Thomas played the match while using cricket equipment that she had borrowed from her colleagues. She managed to get the English captain, Mary Duggan, out of the game, which led to a call-up for a test match later that summer. Because of her performance, Thomas was selected to be on the team.  Faith Thomas is no longer traveling with us since she has moved on to the next destination ahead of us. Thomas took part in her one and only test match in 1958, which was played against an English women’s team that was touring Melbourne at the time. This match was her sole opportunity to compete in a test match.

Her coach in the fast bowling aspect of the game was none other than the South Australian sporting great Victor Richardson. Richardson is also the grandfather of the Chappell brothers, who went on to become famous cricketers themselves.She did not take a wicket in either of the two games she played for her country, and she declined invitations to play for her country in England and New Zealand so that she could focus on her job as a nurse instead. She only made one appearance for her country, and she did not take a wicket in either of those games.