Ernestine Roberts Obituary

Ernestine Roberts Obituary, Ernestine Roberts From Adel, Georgia Has Sadly Passed Away

Ernestine Roberts Obituary, Death Cause –¬†Matriarch of the Roberts family and the person who sparked the idea for the annual celebration in Essex County, Massachusetts that is now known as “Ernestine Roberts Day.” On April 3, 2023, Ernestine Bea Roberts died away, and afterward, she was laid to rest in a place of unending tranquility.

She was the daughter of Rachel and Emmanuel Bea, both of whom have since passed away. She was born in Adel, Georgia. Her biological parents had both passed away at this point. After being married and establishing themselves in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Roberts family uprooted their life and moved to Newark, New Jersey, in 1943. Prior to this, the Roberts had lived in Cincinnati.

Throughout the next 46 years of her life, Mrs. Roberts worked at the same place as a seamstress. In 1989, she handed in her resignation from her job, bringing with her a certificate of retirement and a retirement incentive from the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, which is no longer in existence. She was a member of that union at the time of her resignation.

Despite the fact that she was a member of the New Eden Baptist church, Mrs. Roberts went to the services that were being held at the Saint James AME Church in Newark in the year 1992. This occurred despite the fact that she was a member of the New Eden Baptist church. Before the recent years, she was known across her neighborhood as an extremely involved member of the local population.

In contrast, she has taken much less of an active role in recent years. She found great satisfaction in both tending to her garden and being a good neighbor by offering assistance to those in her community who were struggling. In the year 2002, in celebration of Mrs. Roberts’s 80th birthday, the 28th of April was formally designated as “Ernestine Roberts Day” in the city of Newark.

New Jersey, in the United States of America. In addition, in 2023, the County of Essex and the City of Newark will each grant Mrs. Roberts her very own holiday to celebrate the occasion of her 100th birthday. This will be done in Mrs. Roberts’ honor. She celebrated her centennial birthday with a huge party at the Renaissance Hotel.

Where she was joined by family and friends who had traveled from as far away as California to be there with her. Mrs. Roberts was honored for her dedication to the community by representatives of the government at all levels, including Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Donald Payne, who both congratulated her in a video message and expressed their gratitude to her.