Elijah Harrod Obituary

Elijah Harrod Obituary, Elijah Harrod Has Passed Away

Elijah Harrod Obituary, Death Cause – Elijah “Jack” Harrod, age 83 of Roswell, Georgia, passed away on Saturday, March 25, 2023. Jack was born at home in Lockport, KY on March 19th, 1940 and made the most of his 83 years of life. The doctor, his Uncle Will, rode his horse in a snowstorm to help deliver Jack to parents Maggie Alice (Gilbert) Harrod and Lecompte Harrod. Jack received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville where he was also a pretty good basketball player.

He loved to cook and his specialty was southern food. He made the best cornbread, Cajun green beans and fried chicken that could make you cry! He loved the outdoors and never missed a chance to go hunting or fishing in Montana or Canada with friends and family. The walls of his house were proof of his love of fishing and hunting and were filled with trophies of fish, fowl and more. He was most proud of his working career as a software sales executive from the late 70s until his retirement in 1998.

Jack was married to Brenda Hatfield for 17 years but then spent the remainder of his life as a perpetual bachelor who specialized in telling tall tales, hunting, fishing and tinkering with anything that needed fixing. In his later years he was a prolific poker player. He went to the world series of poker several times and had a weekly game at his house for up to 15 friends where he always cooked a big meal for the players.

His love in life was mentoring and cultivating new talent and has many co-workers who became lifelong friends. His career took him from Louisville, KY to Charleston, WV, Columbus, OH, Chicago, IL and finally to Roswell, GA for his last 35 years. Up until the very end he was still spinning yarns about his exploits in the software world and all of the fun and crazy times. He will be missed for his eccentricities and big personality that filled a room.