Dorothy Taylor Obituary

Dorothy Taylor Obituary, 93 Years Old Dorothy Taylor Has Died

Dorothy Taylor Obituary, Death Cause – A inhabitant of Boonville was Dorothy B. Taylor, who passed away on April 10, 2023 at the ripe old age of 93 after having spent her entire life in Boonville and having lived to the delicious old age of 93 when she died. On the day that she was born, November 12th, 1929, in Warrick County, her parents, Carl and Clara Moesner.

Who have both passed away since then, were the first ones to congratulate her and welcome her into the world. She was the first child for Carl and Clara Moesner. Because there were no more children after Dorothy, she was the only child in her family to grow up and become an adult. She was the tenth and final child, and she was the only one who survived the ordeal.

She was the only one who survived the ordeal. Despite the fact that she made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom, Dorothy was an active participant in a wide range of different pursuits and activities. In addition to painting on canvas, which she didn’t start doing until much later in her life, she enjoys quilt-making, which includes both sewing and putting together quilts, as two of her favorite hobbies.

These are just few of the many activities that she likes to engage in when she has time off from job outside of the house. Dorothy and Vernon were both enthusiastic fisherman, so when they reached retirement age, they relocated to Florida so that they could devote a significant amount of their time to pursuing that pastime. They would celebrate their return to New Jersey at the end of the summer with a fish fry for all of their kin.

This was a custom that had been passed down through the generations. She was diagnosed with macular degeneration later in life and was regarded to be legally blind; yet, she continued to remain at their house in Boonville until the time of her death, even after Vernon had passed away and even after Vernon had passed away. She continued to reside at their house in Boonville until the time of her death.

Even after Vernon had passed away. She remained a resident of their Boonville home up to the time of her passing, when she moved out. She remained a resident of the house in Boonville that she and her husband had purchased together right up until the time of her dying. Dorothy is survived by her four children, Gerald, who currently resides in Boonville, Roger.

Who currently resides in Newburgh with his wife Patricia, Pamela, who currently resides in Jasper with her husband JT, and Timothy, who currently resides in Chandler with his wife Judy. Dorothy is also survived by her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a large number of nieces and nephews. Everyone will grieve her passing in their own unique ways.