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Dorothy Allen Obituary, A Coolamon Rovers Football Club Member Has Died

Dorothy Allen Obituary, Death Cause – nAs a result of her passing away, Dorothy Allen’s life has met its natural conclusion at this point. In order to inform people of Dorothy Allen’s loss, her club’s social media accounts shared the following statement: “It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of a much loved community member, Dorothy Allen.” Dorothy Allen is widely known for having an excellent reputation throughout the community.

During this challenging time, our thoughts are with Brett, Debbie, Ryan, Claire, and Josh since they are valued members of our club, and they have been in the past, and they will continue to be in the future as well. since of this, we are thinking about them. Because we have been thinking about them in the past, and because we will continue to think about them in the future as well, we are sending them our thoughts right now. At the moment, we are all struggling through a challenging period.

We asked the Hospital Auxiliary Ladies to provide the food for the event; however, because they have been extremely busy with a number of funerals over the past few weeks, we are asking the members of our club to give food in the form of monetary donations rather than providing the actual food themselves because the Hospital Auxiliary Ladies have been incredibly busy. If you are in a position to assist people who are having difficulty making ends meet, please bring any food products that you own to the Sport and Recreation Center beginning at 10 in the morning. These items will be distributed to those in need.