Donna Castleberry Obituary

Donna Castleberry Obituary, West Carrollton ohio, Donna Castleberry Has Died

Donna Castleberry Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Donna Castleberry has occurred. Prior to the passing of Ms. Castleberry, the care of her children was entrusted to Ms. Dalton. Ms. Dalton currently shares a home with one of her children, while the other of her children resides with their father. According to what Mr. Waddy said, the family intends to use the money from the settlement to establish trusts for the children.

“We have no choice but to move on and make an effort to put their lives back together in some fashion.”” ommy?'” Ms. Vogts said. She recalled Ms. Dalton’s response as, “We’re going down to police headquarters because they took Mommy.” “They took Mommy,” she said to herself. Ms. Vogts stated that she thought it was ironic that the city had responded so quickly to the case in which Officer Mitchell, who is Black, had killed Ms. Castleberry, a white woman, in comparison to its response to other incidents of police violence, particularly those in which the person who died was Black.

Ms. Vogts said that she felt it was ironic that the city had moved so quickly to address the case in which Officer Mitchell, who is Black, had killed Ms. Castleberry. In addition, she was amazed at how quickly the neighborhood banded together in order to condemn the manner in which Ms. Castleberry had passed away.  She stated that “there has not been any sort of division in the community around this case at all.” “If I had to sum it up in three words, I’d say there’s growth, there’s cohesion, and there’s outrage. Disgust with the law enforcement.”