David Shorey Obituary,

David Shorey Obituary, Hopkinton New Hampshire, A Remarkable Coach And Teacher Has Died

David Shorey Obituary, Death Cause – It has been determined that David Shorey has passed away. One of the characteristics that most set Mr. Shorey apart from his contemporaries was an unshakable faith in the talents of every single person he came into contact with. A Wonderful Coach And Teacher Has Died. He had the ability to look past people’s flaws and recognize the potential in others, and he worked hard to ensure that others were successful in achieving their goals.

Respect, character, and elegance were all hallmarks of his leadership, and he was always sure to lead by example for those who worked under him. There are several anecdotes that could be shared regarding Mr. Shorey; however, the story that most exemplifies his character is one that occurred when I was a junior in high school and it took place during a basketball practice. They let my emotions to get the better of me, and as a direct consequence of that, he removed me from practice for a valid reason.

Just at the time that they were packing up my possessions in preparation for departure, he strolled into the locker room and gave me a lesson that has stuck with me to this very day: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” “You can’t allow your emotions and what you say to have that much influence over you… And if you do that, you’ll never amount to anything as a leader.”
Although though it wasn’t necessary for Mr. Shorey to take the time to train me at that specific moment, the fact that he did highlights what makes him such a fantastic educator and coach is the fact that he did take the time to do so.

In addition to this, he possessed a tremendous degree of insight, which he combined with his real compassion for the kids he taught.
We are all going to miss you very much, Coach Shorey. Thank you for everything you’ve done.