Daphne West Obituary

Daphne West Obituary, Daphne West Has Sadly Passed Away

Daphne West Obituary, Death Cause – Daphne, who preferred to keep a low profile for a long time, was an incredible well of strength and support for the West family. Daphne was a lovely mother who, for many years, preferred to remain in the background. Daphne cared deeply about the results of the games and the team’s standings at tournaments, even though she was never able to attend any of the competitions in person. She remembers every detail of the play-off final match since she stayed up to watch it in its entirety at Wembley.

She watched the whole competition. This is one of the reasons why she can’t seem to get the two of them out of her head. At this point in the game, the club was officially promoted to the top level of competition known as Division 1. At this point in the game, the club was officially promoted. Mrs. West was laid to rest at Eastbrook Cemetery next to her late husband, Jack, following the end of her funeral service this morning at St. Andrew’s Church in the Eastbrook area of the city of Eastbrook. The Eastbrook community of Eastbrook is where you’ll find the cemetery.

The memorial service was held at the Eastbrook community of Eastbrook. The cemetery is located in the Eastbrook area of Eastbrook, which is inside the city limits of Eastbrook. The Eastbrook area served as both the setting for the memorial ceremony and the neighborhood’s official host for the event. Everyone at Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club, from the coaches to the players to the fans, is deeply saddened by the loss of Jeremy and Jennifer and wants to express their deepest sympathies to them and their loved ones.

The members of Dagenham & Redbridge FC are devastated by the loss of Jeremy and Jennifer’s loved ones. Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club is in deep sadness over the loss of Jeremy and Jennifer’s family members. After everything that has happened recently, please know that you and your spouse are in our prayers. Our hearts go out to you at this time of sorrow; please accept our deepest condolences. The revelation of the truth behind her death on March 12 marked a solemn but tranquil chapter in the story’s progression.

Funeral directors Jeremy and Jenny West, who are also club supporters, named the organization after Jeremy’s mother. Jeremy and Jenny West’s mother provided the club’s namesake inspiration. The West family, consisting of Jeremy and Jenny, got the idea for the club’s name from their mother. Jeremy and Jenny West named the club after their mom to show their respect, and it has kept that name to this day. Both Jeremy and Jenny West put in a lot of time and money to the club because they believe in what they’re doing.