Connor Sturgeon Bank Shooter

Connor Sturgeon Bank Shooter, Kentucky, Several Shot Dead And Injured By A 23 Years Old Man

Connor Sturgeon Bank Shooter – A man named Connor Sturgeon, who was 23 years old at the time of the incident, opened fire inside a bank in Kentucky, causing multiple individuals to be killed and several others to be injured. The suspect in the shooting that took place at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, which resulted in the deaths of four people has been identified as Connor Sturgeon, who is 23 years old.

The perpetrator entered the Old National Bank in the downtown area of the city on Monday morning, according to the police, and began fire, resulting in the deaths of four persons and the injuries of eight others. After this, the assailant engaged in a gun war with the police, where he ultimately lost his life. At the University of Alabama, where he had earned his undergraduate degree, he went on to earn a master of science degree in finance in the year 2020. Prior to that, he had earned a bachelor’s degree there.

His father was the head boys basketball coach at the University of Indianapolis from 1992 to 2007, during which time the school made five trips to the NCAA tournament under his tutelage. During that time, the school won five conference championships. The father is a teacher by profession; you can find him instructing students about the history of the United States at Floyd Central High School in Indiana. According to the information available on his LinkedIn profile, Sturgeon started off working for the bank as a summer intern for a period of three years in a row. In the end, he became a part of the organization in 2021 as a commercial development specialist. Prior to that, in the previous year, he had joined as a full-time associate and portfolio banker.