Charles Petry Obituary

Charles Petry Obituary, 85 Years Old Charles Petry Has Passed Away

Charles Petry Obituary, Death – On April 3, 2023, Charles F. “Buddy” Petry passed away. He was a resident of Belva, West Virginia. Up until his passing, he called that place home. He had lived there for many years until he passed away. At the time, he had already exceeded the 85-year mark in his life.His family, including his wife Nancy, daughter Sheree, and parents George and Eva, had already evacuated before he left.

When he left, he took with him only his immediate family. After the death of everyone else in his family, he was the only one left. He waited until the very end to leave with his family on their trip.Morgan, Blake, Aleigha, Stevie, Jacetyn, and Angel Petry; daughter Evelyn Petry of Clay; stepson Marvin Muck of Kentucky; and a great number of nieces and nephews survive him. His son Sam lives in Virginia.

His wife, Evelyn Petry, passed away in 2004, leaving him a widower. His deceased wife, Evelyn Petry, was his immediate predecessor in the afterlife. His wife Evelyn and daughter Evelyn both predeceased him. Both his wife and daughter shared the name Evelyn Petry. On January 15, 2018, he passed away, leaving this world for a better one.In 1960, Buddy opened his first store, and in the years that followed, he expanded by opening a gas station and a recording studio.

The year 1960 was pivotal since that was when Buddy first started his business. The proprietor’s first name, Buddy, was also used by a musician, hence the shop’s name. He got his start in the business world as a merchant and picked up the fundamentals of running a company from that position. Buddy loved collaborating with many of the region’s most skilled artists on a wide range of musical projects, and he also enjoyed spending time teaching kids how to play the guitar and pedal steel guitar.

In addition, Buddy was instrumental in forming the band Dixie Highway, which included several of the area’s finest musicians. Working with such talented musicians was a privilege for him. Aside from that, he was the frontman for the bands The Chaparrals, Cowboy Jazz, and Dixie Highway. Beyond that, he was the frontman for the bands The Chaparrals, Cowboy Jazz, and Dixie Highway. These bands all had a love for country music.

Not only that, but he was also a talented guitarist and pedal steel player. He has many skills as a musician. After finishing high school at Gauley Bridge, he enlisted in the Marine Corps of the United States of America and served for a while. He left the Marine Corps on good terms.