Carlton Sockwell Obituary

Carlton Sockwell Obituary, Newton NH, Carlton Sockwell Has Died

Carlton Sockwell Obituary, Death Cause – The life of Carlton Sockwell has regrettably come to an end, and his family, friends, and colleagues all grieve his departure. Carl Tyler’s parents were Alice Dismuke and Amos Tyler, Jr., the former of whom having passed away before Carl was born. (James). His children, Carl Jr., Fetice, and Carla, are the ones who will carry on his legacy once he is gone.

Patricia Adams, Aaron Tyler (who played Theresa), Arnold Tyler, Sharon Sanders (who played Nate), Sherry Little (who played Jerome), Bridget Martin, Jacqueline Edwards, and Jamie Dismuke are all related to one another through their ancestry. Jake Ford and Melvin Davis, both of whom are very dear to him and who both have a very unique and important place in his heart. Latoya and Korey.

It is appropriate to refer to Korey Jr. and Qurnyah as the grandchildren of their respective grandparents. His biological mother is named Alice, and the man he calls his stepfather is named James Dismuke. His parents decided on a name for him before he was born. He leaves behind a number of aunts, a substantial number of relatives, nieces, and nephews, as well as a close friend, all of whom will cherish the memories they have of him. After his passing, there will be many individuals, such as aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews, as well as friends, who will continue to treasure the memories of him. Saturday is the day that is ideal for making phone calls to reach people.