Brycen Thomas Obituary

Brycen Thomas Obituary, Brycen Thomas Has Passed Away

Brycen Thomas Obituary, Death Cause – It has been determined by the Allen County Coroner’s Office that the person who was murdered in the shooting that took place at McCormick Park on Wednesday evening was a male adult who was 18 years old. These conclusions were reached based on the findings of the investigation that was conducted by the office. The office arrived at this verdict after much deliberation. This information was supplied with us by the relatives of the deceased who was slain in a shooting that took place in McCormick Park.

In a sequence of circumstances that could only be described as sad, four persons were slain by gunfire while they were there at a memorial service for a fifth person who had been killed in the past. It was rumored that the group was at the park to take part in an activity that involved releasing balloons when shots were fired in the vicinity. It would appear that the group was in the park at the time when the bullets were fired.

Before he died away, Brycen Demond Cassell-Thomas had a significant number of gunshot wounds, as determined by the results of the investigation that was conducted out by the office of the coroner. The results of the autopsy that was carried out provided conclusive evidence for this conclusion. Due to the facts surrounding Cassell-Thomas’s death, the office has come to the conclusion that she was the victim of a homicide.

According to the records that were filed by the Fort Wayne police, there was one female patient, three male patients, and one female patient who were evacuated from the scene of the incident in Fort Wayne to a nearby hospital for medical care. It was determined that Cassell-Thomas had passed away as a consequence of the additional investigation that was carried out.