Boston University Shooter, Hoax Shooting Reported An Active Shooter Alert In Boston

Boston University Shooter – The most recent incident of “swatting,” the practice of making phony calls to 911 in order to provoke a big response from law enforcement, took place on Sunday at Boston University. Swatting refers to the act of making bogus calls to 911 in order to provoke a massive response from law enforcement. On Sunday evening, about 8:00 p.m., members of the Boston University community were given a warning that an active shooter was on campus.

At precisely the same time, the Police Department of Boston University sent out a tweet in which it stated that there were two reports of active shooters on different locations of the campus. At least one call reported that there was a shooter at the College of Fine Arts, which is located at 855 Commonwealth Avenue. According to the second report, there is a shooter at the admissions office, which is situated at 233 Bay State Road.

The Boston University Police Department issued a statement at 8:40 p.m. indicating that there was “no active threat in the area.” They explained that they were unable to make any further information due to the “active emergency” that was occurring. Despite the fact that detectives were still looking into the incident, the Boston University Police Department shared an update just before 8:50 p.m. that stated the department was “confident” that there was no threat to the community. This was stated despite the fact that the investigation into the incident was still ongoing.

The first line of the message read, “We greatly appreciate your cooperation,” and it went on to say other things after that. The neighborhood is going through a lot of stress as a direct result of the hoax swatting calls that have been happening all around the country. They noted that there were resources available to anyone who could be feeling any sort of trauma as a result of the occurrence, and that these resources could be accessed by anyone.