Annie Mathews Obituary

Annie Mathews Obituary, Annie Mathews Aged 82 Has Died

Annie Mathews Obituary, Death Cause – As a consequence of the deterioration in her health that she had been experiencing, she died away on the morning of Sunday, April 9, 2023 at the age of 82 in the safety and warmth of the home that she treasured. Her health had been declining for some time. Annie Bowes was born on April 16, 1940 in Sayre.

Pennsylvania to Clayton Bowes and Elizabeth Casselbury, both of whom had passed away before she was born. Both of her parents have now passed away. Their daughter’s name was Annie. She tied the knot with Elmer B. Mathews in the year 1959, and he passed away in the year 2018 after a long and fruitful life. Since 1959, the two of them had been married to one another.

She put in a lot of effort throughout her entire life and was a wonderful provider for the family that she was responsible for. She was the head of the family. Annie was employed at the Red Jacket Motel for a large number of years, and during that time, she held the post of Director of Housekeeping for a number of those years.

She placed the time she spent with her family above anything else, including the time she spent shopping, sewing, making pottery, or going to casinos. She treasured the time she spent with her family more than any other time she spent. She placed the most value on the time she could spend with her loved ones, particularly her children and husband.

After she dies away, many people will grievously miss her quick wit and warm smile, both of which were attributes that she possessed. Her devoted family is comprised of her children, Elmer Mathews Jr., Debra (Earl) Schnautz, Gerald Mathews, David (Michele) Mathews, Sue (Daryl) Burlew, and John Mathews; an extensive number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Nieces and nephews; her sister, Alice (Ed) Rodabaugh; her brother, Eugene Bowes; and her brother-in-law, James Ferns. Before Annie passed away, her great-grandson Carter, her grandchildren Sheila and Elmer III, as well as her siblings Mary Ferns and John Bowes, all moved away. Annie’s husband and both of her parents had passed away before she did, so by the time she passed away, she was already a widow.