Angela Parks Obituary

Angela Parks Obituary, A Native Of Nebraska Has Died

Angela Parks Obituary, Death Cause – Angela Parks has died, Angela was undeniably a “Jersey girl,” and at her core, she was a hippy girl who hailed from the 1970s and had a deep-seated passion for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. She was born and raised in New Jersey. Her family has deep roots in the state of New Jersey, where she was born. She had an unshakable faith in the crystals’ capacity to heal not just the physical body but also the mind and spirit in proportional measures. She is survived by her son, Matthew Christopher Chobot; her daughter, Meadow Lynn Jaekel; her mother, Cecilia Campion, and her husband, Dave, who are affectionately referred to as “Mouse” and “Rat”; her two sisters and one brother.

Danielle Islas Rivera, Merlin “Jake” Jacobs, III, and Jennifer Jay Jacobs; and her two stepbrothers. She is also survived by her two stepbrothers. Merlin Jacobs Jr., Angela’s father, passed away, but in addition to this, she felt a connection to all sorts of animals and had a strong want to offer care for them all. Angela felt a connection to all kinds of animals and had a strong desire to provide care for them all.

Angela was a lovely lady who had a good attitude as well as a warm and approachable grin that lit up her bright eyes. Her eyes were especially beautiful when she smiled because it brought out the brilliance in her eyes. When she smiled, her eyes shone brightly, and her grin made her entire face glow. It did not matter what you were doing while she was present because the overall quality of every experience was improved due to her presence, resulting in a higher degree of enjoyment. Her boundless love for her children and the rest of her family took precedence over everything else in her life. She put her family’s needs ahead of everything else.