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Andrea Rose Obituary, Hartford WI, A Middle School Assistant Principal Has Died

Andrea Rose Obituary, Death Cause – Andrea Rose has died. We extend our sincerest condolence. Her friend wrote in a post on social media that “she did it all while having a big smile on her face or dressing up as a clown or doing something else that would get a laugh or a smile from our students.” Her friend was referring to the fact that her friend did something that would make the students laugh or smile.

I went to Mickey’s with her and a few other classmates on foot during one of our field trips, and the weather was boiling. She then goes out and purchases a bag of ice cubes (one of those 10 pound bags) and chops the end off of it. Then, in order to prevent us from overheating, she has all of us take turns spraying water into our mouths from the cut end of the bag. Today, one of the most talented students at Central Middle School passed away. Because her life was cut far too soon, I feel so terrible for all of the students who will never have the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Andrea Rose.

I pray for healing for everyone involved, especially her immediate family, her students, and the community as large. She was a great teacher, and we shared a lot of laughs together. She will be missed in ways that are difficult to put into words. She was a shining example of the wonderful people. Thank you, Andrea, for all of the laughs, meaningful conversations, civil disputes, and for showing me how to live life to the fullest even if it means breaking a rule sometimes. You will never be forgotten, and the influence that you had on both adults and pupils will continue to have repercussions in the world for a very long time. I adore you, my close companion.