Alberta Lee Obituary, Alberta Lee Has Died

Alberta Lee Obituary, Alberta Lee Has Died

Alberta Lee Obituary, Death Cause – Alberta Lee was the daughter of Will Abner and Mary Sue Abner Simmons, and she was born on June 28th, 1926 in the city of Moss Point, which is located in the state of Mississippi. Even though both of her parents had passed away by the time she was 85 years old, she and her husband carried on living in the home they had shared in Moss Point, Mississippi all their lives.

Alberta Lee was born in the U.S. state of Mississippi, more specifically in the city of Moss Point. On the day of her transition, which was January 19, 2012, she made the shift into the life that never comes to an end. This day marked the beginning of her eternal existence. Her death marked the beginning of this new existence, which began at the same time as her passing.

Her passing was preceded by that of her husband D.L. Lee, son William Carl Lee, son-in-law Lavietree Marshea Lee, two brothers William R. Abner and Willie “Bud” Abner, granddaughter Lavietree Marshea Lee, and three great-grandchildren. He was the only living descendant of hers at the time, and she was the only one still alive. When she was the only other member of her immediate family who was still alive when she passed away before she did, she was the lone survivor of her direct family.

Her daughter Lavietree Marshea Lee is the only person who will continue her legacy and preserve her memories alive after she has passed away. besides one brother, Rev. James (Mattie) Abner of Oakland, California; one sister, Louise Abner Gaines of Mobile, Alabama; two sisters-in-law, Elnora Lett and Atliona Watkins of Tunnel Springs, Alabama; and one brother-in-law.

besides one sister, Louise Abner Gaines of Mobile, Alabama; besides one brother-in-law. in addition, one sister-in-law by the name of Atliona Watkins who lives in Tunnel Springs, Alabama. Mrs. Lee is the mother of five children: Willie James Lee (Barbara Kelly), Mary Margaret Odoms, Lizzie (John) Buckley, and Elizabeth Lee Kirkland Kirkland. Evelyn I. Lee Kirkland is the fifth child.